Broker School Summary


These are the same videos and docs/templates that NAABB Certified Broker Owners have as part of their $20,000 territory purchase. Once enrolled, there are opportunities to roll this over into an NAABB Certified Brokerage.

"I always wanted to get into business brokering without giving up half my commission by being an agent. In my research I found the best broker ownership opportuity was with the North American Alliance of Business Brokers. But I didn't have the $20K. This allowed me to get into brokering then, off my first sale I am going to buy an NAABB territory." - Gary in Erie Pennsylvania USA

Income potential exceeds $200,000 per year. Your minimum commission per sale is $10,000 and you should have sold a business after 30 days of brokering. That equates to a 30 day ROI with a $9,000 gain. Most can afford $1,000 to get started and this progrsm is designed to let great people wanting to broker businesses get into the career without high liquidity. Go for it and enroll right now. Successful business people started small.

Enrollment Cost: $400 (USD)

Includes Lifetime Access / Updates

Support: $99 (USD) Per Month

Support is optional and included for the first 30 days



Training is done by 20 carefully designed videos in the following subjects…

1.     Introduction to brokering

2.     Glossary of terms

3.     Understanding business sellers (see sample)

4.     Finding business sellers

5.     Interviewing / meeting business sellers

6.     Seller Presentation of your services

7.     How to value a business

8.     The Listing Agreement

9.     Preparing to promote the listing

10.   Business seller process interview to closing

11.   Coaching business seller on potential buyer questions

12.   Business seller objections

13.   Understanding business buyers

14.   Finding business buyers

15.   Interviewing / qualifying business buyers

16.   Business buyer process interview to closing

17.   The Purchase Agreement (binding offer)

18.   Business Buyer Objections

19.   The Fisherman’s tale about cherry picking leads

20.   FAQ from NAABB Certified Brokers

These videos are always being updated



Documents / Templates Library…

1.     Listing Agreement

2.     Purchase Agreement

3.     Non Disclosure Agreement

4.     Contract addendums

5.     Counter offer forms

6.     Valuation worksheets

7.     Drop Off Letter

8.     Business Sold Letter

9.      Business Seller Presentation

10.    General Sell Letter

11.    Business For Sale Letter

12.    NAABB Business Seller Guide


Live Support by

Scott Radin...

  • Founder, President, CEO of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers

  • Founder, Owner of A.S. Radin & Associates

  • Founder , Owner of the Market Share Acquisition Group

  • Founder , Owner of Acquirion Finance Group

  • Founder , Owner of the Professional Business Buyer Alliance


Live support consists of text, chat and/or email.


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